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Mr Ranganathan made clear his allegiance to the West Sussex town - whose other notable residents include England manager Gareth Southgate and Crown actress Erin Doherty - by calling his 2018 autobiography Straight Outta Crawley: Memoirs Of A Distinctly Average Human Being.

'He has managed to find a space there to build his dream home, though it is rather bigger than his childhood home in one of the poorer areas of Crawley. It's a lovely story of rags to riches which Romesh has worked very hard for.'

They can be extremely abusive and have even threatened my children. Just as worrying is that this abuse is mostly coming from men, and is incredibly misogynistic. It's the worst I've ever known. Most hide behind social media.

Sadly, the IOC constantly shirk their responsibility to protect the integrity of sport, as they did with the 15-year-old Russian ice skater, Kamila Valieva, who failed a drug test at the Beijing Winter Games.

Good luck getting NeverEnding Story's theme song out of your brain. The '80s fantasy classic has cropped up of late in references from The Simpsons, Stranger Things and even provided the name of a metal/hardcore punk band. All from a story that follows a young boy who uses the power of imagination to save the land of Fantasia.

The comedian, who replaced Anne Robinson as the host of The Weakest Link, has previously spoken about his impoverished upbringing, including the challenges faced by his family when their home was repossessed after his accountant father was jailed for two years for fraud.

The comic, whose mother appeared regularly in his BBC travel series Asian Provocateur, was previously a maths teacher and head of sixth form at Hazelwick school in Crawley, where he had also been a pupil.

A women's group last week filed a civil complaint against the University of Pennsylvania for allowing Thomas to compete on its team for breaking Title 9, which was introduced to stop sexual discrimination in sport.

He said the government focused in 2020 and 2021 on lowering electricity prices by eight per cent, investing $10 billion a year in childcare, and providing $30 billion of tax relief for low and middle income earners. 

According to Twitter's website, that policy prohibits promoting violence against or directly attacking or threatening people based on race, ethnicity, national origin, caste, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religion, age, disability or serious disease.  

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It has been obvious for several years that the rules around transgender participation in sport were unfair to biological females and promised to create the kind of mess that we have seen in the Atlanta pool.

'And that is already seeing money roll out into people's pockets, particularly for young people and for young women. If you're a woman who's 25 and under you've seen more than $2,000 of tax relief on average.' 

In May, Twitter placed fact-checking labels on two tweets from Mr Trump's personal account which made claims about fraud in US postal voting, as well as hiding a post about protests in the city of Minneapolis after Mr Floyd's death.

It then claims to reveal 'what actually happened', showing the original version of events where the pair are playing - the way CNN had reported it - before accusing 'fake news' of being the root cause of problems in America.

The clip is edited to look like it appeared on a CNN broadcast, showing a black toddler running away from a white child, with a fake CNN breaking news caption reading: 'Terrified todler (sic) runs from racist baby.'

The atmosphere when a trans swimmer controversially triumphed at the United States college championships last week was uncomfortable at best and I am amazed the sporting authorities did not act sooner to prevent it. 

However, the tech giant did remove campaign adverts by Mr Trump and vice president Mike Pence that featured an upside-down red triangle - a Nazi symbol used to designate political prisoners in concentration camps. 

They didn't. In fact, last year they dropped testosterone suppression as a requirement and prioritised the inclusion of transgender athletes over fair sport for females, in the process discriminating against half of the world's population. 

Netflix is bursting at the seams with the very best (and the very worst) of genre movies, and the fantasy realm is no exception. Starting at the top, a handful of classics will press your nostalgia buttons, before you dip into a huge range of subgenres, including fantasy dramas, superhero actioners and horrific horrors.

The Change.org appeal says: 'Everyone is allowed free speech, you may not like what others have to say or you may love it but Katie Hopkins was the voice for many other who supported what she has to say that don't have the platform to be heard.